Mindful Monsters


Mindful Monsters is a set of mindfulness-inspired activity cards designed to aid children’s emotional development. Each month subscribers receive a set of seven cards split into four categories: relaxation, concentration, creativity, and positivity.


All profits from the product go to the disability charity Scope. Since launching, the cards have been used in schools, in Scope's sleep clinics, and most recently, by an NHS Trust.


My role 

This project is my baby! I designed it from scratch, creating a series of creative routes and characters that would eventually become The Mindful Monsters! 


I illustrated each of the 84 activity cards and was responsible for all design and illustration across branding, packaging and digital. 


You can now by personalised monster products here.



πŸ† Best Creative Solution 2017 @ The DMA Awards
Best Launch Campaign 2017 @ The DMA Awards
Health & Wellness 2017 @ The DMA Awards
Charity 2017 (Silver) @ The DMA Awards



Most Innovative Fundraising Campaign @ IoF Awards

Best Donor Experience @ IoF Awards 

Best Use of Digital @ IoF Awards

Most Creative Marketing @ Performance Marketing Awards

Cards are designed to teach kids basic mindfulness

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